56ДГНХ ribbon, round, wire

To the class of precision alloys are special materials that have strictly specified chemical composition and the absence of random impurities that reduce the performance of the product but also the extreme precision of production, high surface quality and high performance. The main useful qualities of such materials are determined by the presence in their composition of elements such as Nickel, manganese, copper, chromium in an optimal ratio.

Characteristics of the alloy 56ДГНХ

Due to the regulated coefficient of thermal expansion, which changes little in a wide temperature range, the alloy 56ДГНХ is used in many branches of modern production from the manufacture of appliances, household products, to measuring equipment of high precision and elements of computer technology. Another useful quality of this material is its ability to form a lasting connection with the glass during the process of vacuum brazing. This property found its application in the manufacture of chips for the needs of radio and television industry. It should be noted that in addition 56ДГНХ alloy has a very high melting point (about a thousand four hundred and fifty degrees Celsius).


Chemical composition in percentage
Nickel carbon iron manganese phosphorus sulfur copper and chromium silicon
51,5 — 52,5 to 0.05 46,4−48,5 to 0.4 to 0.015 to 0.015 0.2 0.2
Physical characteristics
Name Units Symbol The numerical value
The modulus of elasticity MPa Ex10−5 1,6
Temperature measurements °C t 20
The electrical resistance (specific) Omhm Rx109 420
Density kg/m3 r 8200
Mechanical properties (at 20°C)
Name characteristics The numerical value of parameter for production
Short-term tensile strength, MPa (blower SB) 450−550
Heat treatment annealing

Indicators of weldability

The alloy has limitations in terms of weldability The welding process requires some advance preparation (preheating contacting surfaces to one hundred or one hundred and twenty degrees, and subsequent heat treatment suture zone)
The welded alloy has no restrictions Not require additional surgery
Difficult weldable material The necessary heating of the contact surfaces up to a few hundred degrees, the subsequent annealing and heat treatment after welding process

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