ХН55МБЮ-VD, ЭП666 round, wire, tube, sheet, strip

Steel based on Nickel and iron brand ХН55МБЮ-VD has a high rate of heat resistance. This property of the material demanded in manufacture of gas turbine equipment and various piping systems used in the energy industry for thermal and nuclear power plants. Currently, such material is available quite extensive range of products from rolled plates, hot rolled to tubular blanks, forgings and bar stock.


The main parameters of the material resulting from the requirements of parts of turbine equipment. In this regard, the alloy ХН55БЮ-VD is quite flexible, able to withstand the fatigue processes, there is little cyclic and thermal in nature and has a high degree of inertia in relation to the action of gaseous corrosive environments. Because it is gas corrosion is the greatest danger when working turbine of the engine, provoking the reaction of weakening at the grain boundaries of the phase structure of material. Normalized operating temperature for semi-finished products made of an alloy of this type is nine hundred degrees Celsius (with a limited working time), and the values of the air temperature, to avoid the intensive scale formation on the material surface should not exceed one hundred degrees.

regulatory documentation

The type of treatment or type of prefabricated Marking Regulatory document
Fundamentals of thermochemical and chemical treatment of metals B04 ST CKBA 016−2005
Procurement of the type of slabs and ingots В31 THAT 14−1-3626−83
Semi-finished products such shaped or rolled В32 THAT 14−1-2606−79
Semi-finished type of strips and sheets В53 THAT 14−1-3191−81

The documents regulating the form and dimensions of semi-finished products

Type of products The designation of the standard
The semi-square calibrated GOST 8559−75
Semi-finished hex calibrated GOST 8560−78
Semi-finished products with a special finish Round bar GOST 14955−77
Semi-finished products hot rolled round GOST 2590−88
Semi-finished hot rolled square GOST 2591−88
Semi-finished forged square and round GOST 1133−71
Strip semi-finished products hot-rolled and forged GOST 4405−75
Semi-finished products hot-rolled strip GOST 103−76
Semi-finished hot rolled hexagon GOST 2879−88
The semi-calibrated round GOST 7417−75


High demand for products from the alloy ХН55МБЮ-VD obuslovlen a good combination of price and quality. A wide range of products, reasonable price and convenient way of ordering will make a purchase from us as comfortable as possible. Full compliance of all semi-finished products with the requirements of regulatory acts and the existence of quality certificates for each type of products guarantees long-lasting reliable performance of the ordered materials. Invariably high quality semi-finished products determines the constant trust of our customers.

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