KHN55VMTKJU, ЭИ929 round, wire, tube, sheet, strip

Material marked KHN55VMTKJU belongs to the category of high-temperature materials, as they are able to withstand during operation a very considerable temperature loads. This quality is due to the content material of Nickel, which determines its main characteristics and operational parameters. Additional alloying of some other chemical elements greatly improves performance of raw materials and expanding its original scope. To date, these alloys are very widely used in many areas of production and constantly replenished with new improved brands.

the basic qualities

Since the main application of such materials is the manufacture of parts of aircraft and gas turbine engines, the material properties must meet the highest performance requirements of this sector. In addition to high heat resistance (temperature of the working area of the part can reach nine hundred and fifty degrees) alloy KHN55VMTKJU perfectly resists corrosion gas type. This type of corrosion damage is the greatest danger to elements of the turbine, as it provokes the intensification of the processes of weakening on the grain boundaries, the phase structure of the material. In addition, the raw material of this type is quite flexible, which facilitates its handling in the manufacturing process of semi-finished products. However, when applying it is worth considering that in order to prevent the active formation of scale on the surface of the product, its operating temperature should not exceed 1050 degrees Celsius.


The percentage of chemical elements in accordance with the requirements of GOST 5632−72
manganese silicon carbon sulfur molybdenum chrome phosphorus tungsten Titan cobalt vanadium Bor aluminium
to 0.5 to 0.5 0,04−0,1 0.01 4−6 9−12 to 0.015 4.5 to 6.5 1,4−2 12−16 0,2−0,8 to 0.02 3,6−4,5

Technological parameters

Weldability The necessary operations
The material is of type alloys difficult to weld Before welding contact surface has warmed up to two hundred or three hundred degrees. After welding, to improve the characteristics of the suture zone of the prefabricated subjected to high temperature annealing.
Alloys limited welded type Qualitative welded connection, maybe get after preheating contacting surfaces to one hundred or one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius, and conducting a final heat treatment suture zone, after the completion of welding works
Raw materials, not having restrictions on welding Prior training is not required for high-quality welding

Physical properties

Name characteristics The numerical value of the parameter
Temperature measurements (T), ºC 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 20
The coefficient of linear expansion measured at a temperature of 200 ºC (*106), 1/deg 15,5 14,5 14,1 13,8 13,4 12,8 12,4 11,7 10,8

The magnetic parameters

Name characteristics Marking
The coercive force (not more) vehicles NS
Magnetic permeability (not more), MH/m Umax
The maximum specific losses (not more) at a frequency of 50 Hz and the value of magnetic induction of 1.0 T, W/kg P1 0/50
The value of magnetic induction for a field with a strength of 100 (at least), A/m 100


Huge selection of semi-finished products of alloy grade KHN55VMTKJU will ensure the realization of any wishes of the customer. If a standard set of sizes is not suitable in this particular case, can be considered the ability to manufacture the required products according to original designs. Consistently high quality workmanship and full compliance with all articles of these materials with the regulatory requirements ensuring high quality and performance of semi-finished products ordered in our company. Every client regardless of the amount of his order provided by the attentive attitude and individual approach.

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