ХН56МБЮД, ЭК62вд round, wire, tube, sheet, strip


Advantages chromium-Nickel steels cannot be overestimated. Due to its high operational parameters, technological and operating characteristics of such alloys firmly occupies one of leading positions in the ranking of the most popular materials. Many industries, the production process which is associated with action of harmful factors and aggressive environments, such materials of new generation were able to improve production processes and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment.


Alloy ХН56МБЮД has considerable heat resistance, preserving the stability of the shape and size under the action of high temperatures within a wide range. The unique properties of raw material due to its balanced chemical composition and special processing technology. High resistance to aggressive environments the gas type (t. n. gas corrosion), the heat resistance and the heat resistance on the background of sufficient ductility has defined the scope of the alloy. The most frequently ХН56МБЮД alloy used in the manufacture of gas turbine engines, fastening elements fuselage. structural elements in the aircraft industry. Of such material are the elements of the nozzle and the blades of the engines.

regulatory documentation

The type of treatment or type of prefabricated Marking Regulatory document
Semi-finished products such shaped or rolled В32

THAT 14−1-5045−91

THAT 14−1-3763−84

Semi-finished type of strips and sheets B33 THAT 14−1-4381−87
Various forgings and the principles of processing by pressure B03 THAT 14−1-4025−85
Type of products The designation of the standard
Semi-finished products with a specially finished surface Round bar GOST 14955−77
Semi-finished products hot rolled round GOST 2590−88
The semi-square calibrated GOST 8559−75
Semi-finished forged and hot rolled strip GOST 4405−75
The semi-calibrated hex GOST 8560−78
Semi-finished strip, hot rolled and forged GOST 4405−75
Semi-finished products hot-rolled strip GOST 103−76
Semi-finished hexagon hot-rolled GOST 2879−88
Semi-finished hot rolled square

GOST 2591−88


The semi-square and round wrought GOST 1133−71
The semi-calibrated round GOST 7417−75

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Consistently high quality of products from chromium-Nickel steels and a wide range of semi-finished products of various sizes will help you implement any production problems. Reasonable price and a wide assortment of products and make your purchase convenient and comfortable. Full compliance with the regulatory requirements for products made of alloy ХН56МБЮД ensure the reliability and durability of operation of complex industrial equipment. In the absence of the range of products necessary parameters can be considered tailor-made order on the submitted drawings.

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