80НМВ-VI ribbon, round, wire


Precision alloys are unique materials due to the high quality workmanship and precise chemical composition capable of guaranteeing unchanged performance for a long time. Alloys of the type 80НМВ-VI are the solid Foundation, which the technical progress is constantly moving forward and is actively developed, allowing to realize all that not long ago belonged to the realm of fantasy. Characteristics


The basic properties of the material with the marking 80НМВ-VI is based on verified quantitative and qualitative ratio of the elements included in its composition. Such alloy belongs to the group of precision materials for which the normalized temperature linear expansion. In a very wide temperature range, from minus seventy to +550 degrees, this indicator does not exceed 11 to 14 units per degree. By its nature this material is not magnetic, but has a range of other useful characteristics such as high elasticity, heat resistance, conductivity, etc.


Chemical composition in percentage
silicon carbon iron manganese phosphorus sulfur Nickel copper and chromium
0.2 to 0.05 46,42−48,5 to 0.4 to 0.015 to 0.015 51,5−52,5 0.2
Physical characteristics
Name Units Symbol Numeric value
The modulus of elasticity MPa E*10−5 1,6
Temperature measurements ◦ C t 20
Density kg/m3 r 8200
The electrical resistance (specific) Ohm*m R*10 9 420
Mechanical properties
Short-term tensile strength MPa blower SB 450−550
Heat treatment — annealing

Material of new generation

The majority of precision materials like alloy 80НМВ-VI are used in particularly demanding and difficult parts of production. After all, high quality workmanship, strict observance of the proportional content of the important element that makes the raw materials of its main operating parameters and the absence of random impurities, ensures long lasting service of the product, even when changes in temperature or any other environmental parameters. Today, an important strategic industries such as aerospace, aviation, nuclear power, shipbuilding and many others rely on such technologically advanced formulations with high working qualities. As a rule, in the precision of raw material includes Nickel, titanium, niobium, molybdenum and many other elements, which ensures its high resistance to damage, thermal stress and extremes of temperature in the working area.

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