On the mirror surface is not retained dirt, dust. Mirror sheet meets the most stringent sanitary-hygienic requirements. In addition, it has a very attractive appearance, good processability. It is easily installed and does not require a long time to repair, has a high wear resistance. It is widely used contemporary design for external, internal furnish of premises, as well as medicine, pharmaceuticals. Such a current sheet during installation of welded structures, the food containers. Its surface does not stick to the microorganisms or fungi.


Manufacturing of thin sheet normalized GOST 5582−75 and 19904−74; thick — GOST 19903−74, 19904−74, 7350−77. The hot-rolled sheet thickness 2 — 50 mm, and cold rolled sheet of 0.4 — 5 mm Stainless steel sheet can be: polished (mirror), etched (decorative), Matt, blue, etc.

Precision of rolling:

· B — normal;

· A — high.


· Very high;

· PV — high;

· MON — normal.

The degree of traction:

· N — normal;

· G — deep.

High quality coating is performed by means of cold rolling followed by bright annealing and mirror training. The mirror is marked in accordance with American standard abbreviation «VA». In Europe: EN 10008−2, a mirror coating treatment is classified as 2R.



n (IIIc) 2B 2 B Heat-treated, cold rolled, pickled Frosted mirror
c2 (IIa) 1 1 D Heat-treated, hot-rolled, pickled
M (IIId) BA 2 R Roasting in a vertical furnace, cold rolled, processing with solution of ammonia Mirror


Mirror sheet has become a symbol of modern design hi — tech style. Is widely used such a sheet with external, internal furnish of premises. Not less demanded it during installation of welded structures, the food containers. Its surface does not linger and does not breed bacteria or fungi.


Mirror stainless steel sheet thickness of 4 mm is supplied in rolls. The surface is rough or smooth frosted. The cold-rolled sheet thickness = 0,4−5 mm, hot-rolled — 2−50 mm.


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