Cutting and processing of zirconium


Use the cutters from a tool steel (e.g., plates of VK8). Cutting of ingots is made by the circular saw at low speed to prevent work hardening. Surface finish in turning is achieved by low flow and the use of special coolant.

Heat treatment

The annealing is carried out in a vacuum chamber, the surface is etched. Processed by this technology tubes used in heat exchange systems of nuclear reactors, at temperatures up to 2000°C

Anodizing zirconium

Jewelry, anodized Zirconia elegant and unique for its exclusivity.


In the hydrogenation of zirconium it is several times increases in volume, allowing to produce two-layer sheets or tubes of metals of different heat resistance, e.g., copper and tungsten.

Treatment electro-refining

Zirconium sheet is dipped into the electrolyte, and the cathode is connected to the other zirconium sheet, the surface of which is deposited a chemically clean metal .And allocated anodic sludge easily decomposed into valuable components.

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