Cutting and processing of niobium

Powder metallurgy

For the manufacture of niobium rental used methods of powder metallurgy. Powder metal is sintered in the required for processing the workpiece. Then the billet is subjected to extrusion or forging, annealed in a furnace of the vacuum type and is cooled.


Annealing temperature more than 1400 °C causes a collective recrystallization, i.e., the intensive grain growth and the appearance of precipitates at the grain boundaries toughness of the metal when it is reduced 20 times. Heat treatment is conducted in vacuum to eliminate the possibility of contamination of the metal by atmospheric gases.


Machining of niobium makes it difficult to low plasticity. In the process of stamping or drawing increases the risk of rupture of the metal.


The success of the process depends on the temperature of the workpiece, and the purity of the material. It is known that metallic niobium dust is flammable and irritating to skin and mucous. When injected into the human body this element causes damage to the nervous system.

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