Cutting Nickel and Nickel alloys

Supplier KMZ offers to buy at a economical price from the manufacturer of Nickel alloys in a wide range of brands and profiles. Cutting of the billets produced under the order. Supplier is guaranteed delivery of products at any address specified by the consumer.

Cutting shear

Cutting Nickel and Nickel alloy by the method of shear is made on varietal, sheet or shears, with reduced values of the clearances between the moving and stationary knives.


When mechanical cutting Nickel alloys can be used in almost any lubricating fluid. In many cases, use conventional sulfonated mineral oil; the presence of sulfur in the composition which gives them superior lubricity and stability of the composition.


Details for harsh environments. Nickel has a high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and acid resistance in combination with wear resistance.

Hot deformation of Nickel alloys

Hot forging, to produce seamless rolled rings, discs, hubs, blocks, shafts, flanges and other forgings, which are then used for mechanical machining. This is followed by hardening, tempering, normalizing or annealing of forgings.

Quality control

After forging are performed tests for mechanical and physical properties of the finished forging, as well as ultrasonic or x-ray non-destructive quality control.


Modern cutting technology and plastic deformation of Nickel and its alloys provide:

  • the manufacture of precision forgings at optimum thermomechanical parameters (many Nickel alloys have the effect of superplasticity);
  • The increase in utilization of metal due to reduction of allowances and tolerances for processing in the forging process;
  • Reduces energy consumption by reducing the number of operations in forging process;
  • The increase in the uniformity of macro — and microstructure, and the reduction of scatter in mechanical properties of the finished forgings.

Billet of Nickel and treated harshly used in various instruments, medical devices, semiconductor equipment, aerospace and automotive industries. Nickel alloys are well-processed by methods of cold forging, and, in particular, the drop-off. So get electrical contacts and rivets.

Cold plastic deformation

Nickel is among the metals that are well handled by pressure in a cold state. Its ductility exceeds 20%. The process of cold forming has many advantages, including low production cost, high precision mating parts, the effective use of material and good surface quality.

Cold forging has a number of advantages in comparison with mechanical treatment: the costs of equipment are low, and the material yield is almost 100%, with the high performance of hardware cold stamping .

Buy, cutting

To buy at an affordable price from the manufacturer and forgings of Nickel and Nickel alloys a supplier of KMZ. Cutting of the billets produced under the order. Supplier is shipping products to any destination specified by the customer.

Supplier, price

Buy Nickel any brand provider KMZ can at an affordable price. The price is formed based on the European standards of production. \Buy Nickel at an affordable price, you can wholesale or retail. Regular customers can take advantage of the discount system of discounts from the company KMZ. Cutting of the billets produced under the order.

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