Alloy based on titanium and magnesium

Technical characteristics

This material belongs to the composite alloys due to the significant difference in melting point between titanim and magnesium. Used methods of powder metallurgy. Naturally, the number of additional components, which alloyed titanium alloys is not limited to magnesium, it all depends on the specific application of the products.

Physico-chemical properties of Ti

Chemical symbol Atomic number Atomic mass The degree of oxidation The proportion t° melting boiling
Ti 22 48 2, 3, 4 To 4.54 g/cm3 1668°C 3277°C

Physico-chemical properties of Mg

Chemical symbol Atomic number Atomic mass The degree of oxidation The proportion melting boiling
Mg 12 24 +2 1.74 g/cm3 650°C 1090°C


In as a structural material, which is well welded and processed by the cutting tool, but has a low thermal resistance. The main advantage is the ease ofdetermining the feasibility of their use in cases where parts and products do not require high strength, but should have low weight.


The manufacture of little — loaded parts in the aviation and transport machine-building, fuel tanks, radio equipment, housing, etc.

Supply, price

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