Applications of brass


Manganese, aluminum, Nickel and tin have the properties to increase the corrosion resistance of brass. However, the Nickel reduces the propensity for stress corrosion cracking. A beneficial effect on the corrosion resistance of these elements occurs due to the formation of dense protective oxide film on the surface.


In industry mainly used for casting and wrought alloys. The brass are divided into doped zinc is simple and special, containing in addition to zinc one, and sometimes several elements. Special brass called for additional basic element: silicon, aluminum, manganese, tin, Nickel, lead. Almost all the brass is simple, in addition to Л59 have high technological properties, allowing to produce a variety of products that require in their production of large degrees of deformation such as bullets, casings, radiator pipe, tape, wire. Brass stamps Л59С less technological in its structure.

Special brass

From simple brass they have a number of advantages. Aluminum brass have high qualities of strength, this is due to the strengthening effect of aluminum. In brass in addition to aluminum and zinc also includes manganese, Nickel, silicon, iron, this provides additional reinforcement. The most common are brass containing in addition to copper — aluminium up to 4% (LA77−2, ЛА85−0,5), which, due to the single-phase structure is easily handled under pressure. Nickel brass brand ЛН65−5 has a higher technological properties and well processed in hot and cold condition. Tin of brass have excellent corrosion resistance in sea water, therefore, they are called marine brass. Manganese brass brand Lzhmc59−1-1, alloy iron, has high strength and increased viscosity, due to the fine-grained structure. Aluminum brass Lamsh77−2-0,05 has a high resistance to bestintown in sea water, due to the micro alloying with arsenic.

Lead brass

They are easily processed through cutting. These brass is the best material for parts that are machined on CNC-machines. To facilitate machining, lead is used, which makes chips brittle. But at the same time it increases the frictional properties of the alloy.


The brass of this brand is the only dispersion-hardened alloy format Zn-Cu. Alloys doped with Nickel, manganese and silicon elements, which possess variable solubility of copper, provide dispersion hardening. This brass in the tempered condition has a high plasticity and acquires in the process of aging to high strength. Cast brass are widely used in modern technology due its numerous positive properties.

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