For General information about aluminum

Alloy AD

This aluminium technical purity, and contains up to 0.7% impurities, mostly iron and silicon. Although the impurities increase the strength but decrease the ductility and the electrical conductivity of the alloy. Coils of aluminium AD 1105 and is used for heat insulation of heating mains.

The sheet of aluminium used for HELL:
— billboards;
— trim caravans and trailers;
— production of refrigerators (1105УМ);
— the production of aluminum corrugations.

Alloy AMC

The only binary deformable alloy of aluminum-manganese. Characterized by high resistance to corrosion, the same as that of alloy AD1. The AMC alloy is easily welded by gas, atomic-hydrogen, argon-arc and contact welding, easily deformed in a hot (at t° 320−470°C). and cold condition.

Aluminum sheet AMC indispensable where a high resistance to corrosion:
— construction and architecture;
in the food sector;
— for the production of structural parts and fastening systems.

Alloys Amg2, Amg3

Alloyed with magnesium and silicon, are resistant to corrosion, are well deformed hot or cold, easily welded point, roller, gas welding. For hot deformation optimal t°= 340−430°C, With subsequent cooling in air.

Sheets Amg2, Amg3 use:
— in the construction of suspended ceilings, architectural facades;
— in aircraft;
— in the manufacture of pipes;
— for covering the mechanical equipment;
— in the automotive industry (for tanks, truck bodies, cabs, covering buses, etc.).

Aluminium alloy 3104

It differs:
— high resistance to corrosion and to acids and alkalis;
— fire safety NG (non-combustible material);
— non-toxic.
It is used:
for the cladding of pipelines for the enterprises with increased requirements to fire safety, for example, for the gas station. Complies with the European standard DIN EN 485−1,2,4, EN 515, EN 573−3
melting of aluminium for the gas station — 3104Н24 — particularly high-quality aluminium.

Alloys AMg5, AMg6

They are alloyed with magnesium and manganese, have good weldability, ductility and high resistance to corrosion, including seawater. These advantages make the alloys AMg5 and AMg6 indispensable in shipbuilding. They are called river and marine aluminum. Although magnesium is perfectly soluble in hot aluminum, hardening in the hardening of Al-Mg alloy is insignificant, so such as alloys Amg2, AMGZ, AMg5, AMg6 relates to thermally not strengthened. Semi-finished products of alloy AMg6 usually undergo annealing at low temperatures (310−335°C) with air cooling. With increasing annealing temperature increases the tendency to corrosion, marine aluminium is highly undesirable. A small proportion of manganese in the alloy significantly affects its mechanical properties.

Apply the leaves AMg5, AMg6:
— shipbuilding
— in the design of the car body and railroad cars.
From a sheet of AMg6 make rocket fuel tanks.

D16 (2024)

This is the most popular alloy. Alloyed with copper, magnesium, manganese. D16 is well deformed in cold and hot condition and well hardened by heat treatment. Hot deformation is carried out at a temperature from 350 °C to 450 °C. Cold deformation as possible in the annealed and in the hardened state. The strength of the alloy after quenching and natural aging depend primarily on the conditions pre-treatment. Sheet D16 is used: in the power structures of helicopters and planes D1, D16 (duralumin) for covering the aircraft.

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