Welding and brazing fehrali

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Technical characteristics

The heating elements have a limited lifespan: over time, the wire becomes locally weakened and the resistance increases. This may be due to surface contamination, which causes local variations in the wire or due to the mechanical damage, which reduce the cross-sectional area. As a result, the device fails the Passivating oxide layer. on the surface fehrali far prevent oxidation, but it is for this reason difficult the electrical contact, preventing the attempts of reunification of a broken wire.

Soldering and welding

Fehrali soldering difficult because the high temperatures at which heaters operate peraliya greatly exceed the melting point of lead or tin solder. For soldering it is necessary to use alloys with higher melting temperature. Therefore, as the consumables used borax crystal and brass wire.

The restoration of broken conductor

Broken Explorer, straighten, and twist the ends, and dipped in powdered borax; the majority of crystals the result is stick to the hot wire. The process is repeated until then, until the connection is completely covered. Brass is added to the compound in the form of wire. It can be served directly in the seam or twisted around it, before it is covered with brown.

The connection is carefully heated to an orange glow. Brass should be easy to melt, forming a gleaming drop of melted under borax, then soak between the twisted wires. This moment indicates a successful connection, well hydrated brass. Brass must not form discrete droplets or beads, and wetting the wires should be spotty and uneven.

Good wetting makes the relatively thin layer of brass, propagating in the base metal. Then the seam is allowed to cool, solidified borax is carefully removed (it behaves like a glass, solid and fragile, it can suddenly crack and broken mechanical energy can once again break the wire, ruining the effort), excessive length of the connection is truncated after the complete curing, the heating element can be used again.


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