Brass welding


Brass is an alloy that contains zinc and copper in the amount of from 55 до75%. Brand of brass special purpose contain a small amount of aluminum, manganese, tin, silicon and other elements. In welding brass, the main difficulty is the fading of zinc, as it begins to boil and at temperatures above 905 °C and to evaporate rapidly. The zinc vapors are oxidized in the air, fall on surrounding objects in the form of a white plaque.


Brass welding is carried out in the same manner as the welding of copper, usually with the use of cast or extruded brass rods stamps LK, which contain, in addition to zinc and copper, silicon. In welding brass rods, copper contains the same number as in the base metal. The amount of silicon in them should not exceed 3%. Welding is recommended in a half-upright or horizontal position with direct current of reverse polarity for electrode Ø 6 mm, with a current of 200÷225 A.

In order to obtain the weld metal close to the main composition, using electrode rods with the same base metal composition. Such rods are applied to double-cover. As the first coating layer, the thickness of which ranges from 0.2 to 0.3 mm, is applied the following composition: manganese ore 30%, ferromanganese — 15%, titanium concentrate — 30%, potassium sulfate 5%, and Mel — 20%. Filler bars in the presence of silicon reduces the loss of zinc, and the use of a flux allows the molten metal to protect against oxidation.


In the process of welding of brass, you need to apply fluxes in the form of a mixture of the following composition: sodium chloride — 12,5%, potassium chloride — 50%, charcoal — 2.5%, cryolite — 35%. Also as a flux can be used boron slag.


The defects formed on parts made of brass Lmcs-58−2-2, welded after careful preparation. In order to decrease the excretion of zinc oxide brewing defects in brass casting marks LM-58−2 and Lmcs-58−2-2 that contain 58% copper, 2% lead, 2% of manganese is carried out with electrodes OF 5.

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