The properties of titanium


The metal was opened in the late XVIII century. His extraordinary qualities attracted the attention of engineers. No wonder he got such name is Titan. It was clear that it is capable of addressing the formidable challenges. Its high specific strength and plasticity, resistance to aggressive environments, light weight, low creep at high temperatures has allowed us to implement the most daring technical projects. High mechanical qualities of this metal are retained at temperatures up to 600 °C. the Titanium in pure form is suitable for any kind of processing in hot and cold condition: forging, drawing, rolling, and production of the foil. He has a high electric resistance. If the conductivity of silver be taken as 100%, the conductivity of copper is 94% aluminum — 60%, iron -15%, titanium of 3.8%. Titanium is paramagnetic with a very weak magnetic susceptibility. The thermal conductivity is very low, and is 22,07 W/(MK), which is approximately 3 times less than that of iron is 7 times than that of magnesium and 17−20 times than that of aluminum or copper. Coefficient of linear thermal expansion of titanium at 20 °C, 1.5 times less than that of iron in 2 times less than copper and is almost 3 times than that of aluminum.


In aircraft , titanium alloys have been widely used. At industrial scale they were first used in the construction of aircraft jet engine, which allowed to reduce its weight by 10−25%. Titanium alloy make the disks and blades of compressors, components of air intakes, guide vanes, and fasteners. Such alloys have found a wide application in supersonic aircraft. The growth speed of flight of the aircraft has led to increased temperature of skin. Aluminum alloys no longer meet the requirements that apply to aircraft at supersonic speed, when the casing is heated to 246−316°C. Optimal in such conditions is the use of titanium. In the 70-ies increased the level of application of titanium alloys for airframes of civil aircraft. The total mass of titanium parts medium-haul aircraft TU-204 is equal to 2570 kg. is Also expanding the use of titanium in airships and helicopters, primarily for the drive parts of the rotor, and control systems. It should also be noted the extensive use of titanium in the rocket.

In the shipbuilding industry, titanium alloys have been widely used due to corrosion resistance. Titanium is used for making the sheathing of ships, submarines, propellers, torpedoes. Titanium alloys do not adhere shells, increasing the resistance of the vessel during movement.

Every day the application field of titanium is expanding. He is in demand in non-ferrous metallurgy, food, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper industry and other industries. In recent years it has been used in electroplating, nuclear engineering, power engineering, electronics. In the manufacture of arms he needed for the manufacture of armor plate. In the nuclear technology for heat exchangers. It is made surgical instruments and implants, and parts of desalination plants and racing cars. The sports equipment is Golf clubs and climbing gear. It is found in parts of watches and exclusive jewelry. When the nitriding of titanium on its surface a gold film, the beauty is not inferior to the luster of gold.

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