Characteristics of stainless steel


Alloy steel is the steel. which in common parlance is called stainless steel. Its main advantage — resistance to rusting in the gas and liquid media under the action of aggressive substances. The basis of this steel is chromium. Its content is usually from 12 to 20%. Also, the steel composition may comprise Nickel, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, silicon, etc. the higher the percentage of chromium in the alloy the higher corrosion resistance. With 12−17% Cr products are able to withstand slightly aggressive gaseous medium, and if consisting of more than 17% chromium, the alloy becomes resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis.

Why stainless steel does not rust

Its surface is covered with a protective film of oxides of chromium and Nickel. It to recover any damage of products. The important role played by such quality, strength and uniformity of structure. Corrosion occurs when using stainless steel parts, through which passes the high current, and thus violated the integrity of the alloy. In the acidic environment used complex alloyed steels with additives of Nickel, copper, molybdenum, silicon. Depending on the operating conditions, the composition is selected individually. Take into account the acidity, density and temperature of the corrosive environment.

The types of stainless steel

1) chrome; 2) chromium-Nickel steels; 3) chromium-margantsevokisly. Chromium, in turn, is divided into: 1) profperity, 2) ferritic, 3) martensitic. Ferritic and martensitic is divided into the following types: 1) austenitic 2) austenitic-ferritic, 3) martensitic, 4) carbide. All brands of stainless steel have been widely used from the sphere of life and ending the military-industrial complex.

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