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Thermocouple wire

Price for thermocouples

Material Make Rental type The size, mm Availability, kg Price including VAT
Alumel NMACC 2−2-1 wire 0.2 7th From 1500
Alumel NMACC 2−2-1 wire 0.3 7th From 1500
Alumel NMACC 2−2-1 wire 0.5 18 From 1000
Alumel NMACC 2−2-1 wire 1.2 116 From 850
Alumel NMACC 2−2-1 wire 3.2 280 From 850
Chromel HX 9.5 wire 0.2 17th From 1500
Chromel HX 9.5 wire 0.3 17th From 1500
Chromel HX 9.5 wire 0.5 52 From 1000
Chromel HX 9.5 wire 1.2 50 From 850
Chromel HX 9.5 wire 3.2 293 From 850
Cops MNMc 43−0.5 wire 0.2 60 From 1200
Cops MNMc 43−0.5 wire 0.3 60 From 1200
Cops MNMc 43−0.5 wire 0.5 60 From 1000
Cops MNMc 43−0.5 wire 1.2 8 From 850
Cops MNMc 43−0.5 wire 3.2 21 From 850
Tungsten BP 5/20 wire 0.35 200 meters From 200
Tungsten BP 5/20 wire 0.5 180 meters From 600

Thermocouple wire is selected depending on the temperature and aggressiveness of the working medium. It is produced from such alloys as: alumel, chromel, constantan or kopel. Alumel is resistant to high temperatures, ductile, will retain its strength for a long time. Constantan for maintaining a stably high electrical resistance, which would not decrease with increasing temperature, is used together with copper, iron or chromel. Similar to the constant, the property has coppers. It has the same high values of thermo-emf, and the thermal coefficient of electrical resistance is minimal, as in constantan. Copel is resistant to corrosion, heat-resistant, can be applied up to t ° 600 0 C. At higher temperatures it is better to use chromel.

Quality of thermocouple wire

  • Heat resistance;
  • Low ud. the weight;
  • High electrical resistivity;
  • Average coefficient of linear thermal expansion;
  • High thermo-emf.

The main criterion for choosing a thermocouple wire is a stably reproducible and high level of thermo-emf under specific conditions. The thermocouple consists of 2 dissimilar conductors, which are welded together at the end. The soldered edge is placed in a temperature measuring oven, and the free two edges are attached to the thermostat. Since the conductors are made of different materials, a potential difference appears when heating, which grows together when heated and can be measured.

Thermal emf

Thermocouples with high thermo-emf are used to accurately measure small temperatures. For positive electrodes, iron, chromel, copper are suitable, and for negative electrodes, constantan, alumel, and kopel.

  • The thermocouple chromel-copel (TCA) has the greatest thermo-emf at t ° up to 800 ° C.
  • In the second place, a pair of copel-copper.
  • On the 3rd — iron-iron. This pair has the lowest value of the electromotive force and is used at t ° to above 760 ° C

At t ° up to 500 ° C, it is desirable to use a copel electrode for the long-term operation of the thermocouple.

Compensating wires

They serve to transfer potential from thermocouple ends to measuring devices. For this, wire from chromium KM and K can be used. Wire from copel and constantan can be used in the production of electrical appliances, in the establishment of standards of resistance. Compensating wires are widely used on automated lines. The cost of wire depends on the value of its components. At a higher temperature, more expensive materials are used.

Temperature range

  • Rhenium-W — for measuring t ° to + 3000 ° C.
  • Chromel-alumel (TXA) — from minus 196 ° to + 1000 ° C;
  • Chromel-copel (TCA) — from minus 196 ° to + 800 ° C;
  • Chromel-constantan (ТХК) — from minus 40 ° to + 900 ° C;
  • Kopel-Fe — from 0 ° to +760 ° C;
  • Constantan-Cu: up to + 300 ° C;
  • Constantan-Fe, for measuring cryogenic temperatures to minus 200 ° C;

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