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the Composition and properties of

Strip, sheet and foil stamps HN (II) are made of complex-alloyed stainless chromium-Nickel alloy martensitnogo class. In the composition of the alloy 16−18% chromium and 1.5−2,5% of Nickel, 0.8% of manganese and silicon, 0.3% of copper and 0.2% of titanium, carbon — 0,11−0,17% and thousandths of a percent of phosphorus and sulfur. Tape, sheet, and foil have exceptional corrosion resistance and toughness, high flexibility and adaptability. The quality of intermediate products and the use of Tape, sheet alloy HN used in different spheres as construction material for the production of rotor blades, fasteners, sleeves, pumps and compressors operating in aggressive environments, Such details are heat-resistant, they are not subject to deformation at high temperatures in an environment saturated with oxygen, do not have strong magnetic properties, successfully resist corrosion.

are Used in chemical, oil, food, medical industry, shipbuilding. They sustainable in contact with corrosive and neutral salts, alkalis, in fresh and sea water, therefore, are used for parts of installations for the production of salt. Also used in the composition of bimetals.

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