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HRSA long products with a high content of Nickel and chromium are used quite actively on different areas of industrial production. The unique properties of wire, circle, rod brand GNU you can use them for production of equipment, operating in aggressive environments at high temperatures.


High content of Nickel and chromium and add to the mixture additional alloying components. aluminum, barium, iron, manganese, cerium, silicon, etc. define high operational and working parameters of semi-finished

the Percentage composition GNU GOST 5632−72.

Al C Cu Fe Ni Cr Mn CE S and P Si Ba
2.8 to 3.5 ≤0,1 ≤0,07 ≤1 65−71,2 26−29 ≤0,3 ≤0,03 ≤0,012 and 0.015 ≤0,8 ≤0,1

To get a high-quality material steelmaking GNU is produced using a special induction furnace equipment of open type. This alloy can be obtained by the method of melting of raw materials in a special bath with application of electric current (the method of electroslag remelting). The second way, in spite of considerable complexity, contributes to the quality of the finished product. In the manufacture of long steel products require very precise observe the temperature modes of processing from 1150 up to 900°With (from the beginning to the end of the procedure). Hardening is produced in liquid or air at a temperature of 1200°With.


Longs marks GNU is widely demanded in modern industry from the oil refining complex to food or chemical industry. This kind of semi-finished products relevant in the manufacture of engines, heat the oven equipment and t.p. should be noted that, despite a high rate of heat resistance and heat resistance wire, circle, rod brand GNU unstable in the environment of sulfur and hydrogen sulfide. Given the restrictions on weldability to ensure the reliability and performance of butt joints semi-finished products must be warmed up to 200°With. For residual stresses relief with details after welding is carried out additional heat treatment. Very well established this Nickel-chromium alloys in the manufacture of parts of combustion chambers turbojet engine whose work is connected with loads in the temperature range from 1100 to 1200°With. Due to the significant indicator of specific electric resistance of the alloy GNU can be used in the production of various heaters, wire for welding or welding of chromium-Nickel products.


Huge assortment and the optimum combination of useful characteristics in the face of moderate rates determined the high popularity of products from alloy GNU in different parts of the production complex. A wide range of products made of chromium-Nickel steels is presented in the company will not leave you without a choice. High quality construction with the certificates of quality, favorable terms of delivery will provide maximum comfort when making a transaction.