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GOST 10297−94, standardized quality India in bars. There are 5 grades of purity depending on the percentage content of impurities. Ин0000 contains impurities in amounts of 0.0001%. Ин000 — 0,0005%. Ин00 — 0,001%. Ин0 — 0,002%. Brand Ин2 — 0,03%. Made circle — solid ingot of cylindrical shape cross-section 21−25 mm and length up to 70 mm. On the surface the allowable shrinkage and irregularities should not go beyond the specified standard. To break the circle must not contain foreign inclusions and shells.


In microelectronics, indium wire is used along with germanium and silicon elements. India great adhesion to metal and glass allows the use of wire for fusible alloys. Indium is part of the solar cells, phosphor, thermocouples, indium wire current in vacuum technology for sealing gaskets. A wide cross-section of capture of thermal neutrons make the wire and the circle from this metal relevant in the management of nuclear decay. Indium is much softer lead. Coating with indium wire on the out skirts of diesel pistons significantly improves slide. Today used lead-silver bearings with indium coating.


Wire and circle of India is stored indoors. Delivered in a special packaging, isolating from contact with moisture, dust, condensation. Semi-finished products or brands Ин0000 Ин000 wrapped separately in plastic packaging. Semi brand Ин00 as brand Ин0 can be packaged in pairs. Semi Ин2 wrapped in plastic wrap or waxed paper. Warranty period of storage in original package 5 years.

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