14 June 2017

The demand for copper will grow

Anyway, in the automotive industry, consumption of copper over the next ten years will increase markedly. Data provided by the international copper Association, conducting its own research. According to them, by 2027, the demand will be 1.74 million tonnes of the red metal. For comparison, in 2017, consumption will reach 185 thousand tons. Calculations were made with an eye on the use of copper for one unit of the electric vehicle, and considering a hybrid. In particular, the buses involved 40−369 kg red metal. Mass consumption of material depends on the size of the battery. For car manufacturers, which includes the internal combustion engine takes on average 23 kg of copper.

According to the Association of copper, used in the production of EVS metal has a very important role. First and foremost is improving the reliability of transport due to the physical and chemical properties. However, the red metal has one more feature. Copper is ideal for repeated use. There is another factor which makes the use of copper may increase. Means the market the arena of volatile transport. Such electric vehicles will provide solar panels. They will be located on the roof, the main purpose is generation of energy. Accordingly, such devices will require elevated zatrati red metal.

Another study from the company Lucintel allowed to say that in 2017−2022 year will increase the consumption of aluminium. We are talking again about the automotive sector. Annual growth will average 7.4 percent. As a result, the turnover of the world market of aluminium for the automotive industry will reach $ 42.4 billion USD.

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