4 September 2017

The situation on the Russian market for long products and structural shapes at the end of August

The Russian market shows rising prices for fittings and long products. The reason lies in the fact that doing a number of metallurgical enterprises. They declared significant increase in selling prices. According to their announcements, in September this year should be an increase. It will be up to 6 thousand rubles per ton of steel products. It is worth noting that the second half is characterized by a special activity of the construction sector. However, in the current situation, to understand the reason for such rapid growth is difficult. The Russian market is focused on the world. It now is stabilizing. Why vacation quotes grow is not clear. Last month for rebar requested amount above 7 thousand rubles per ton. Moreover, domestic providers are not ready to stop. This can be explained by the ratio of supply and demand in the world market.

The demand for steel channel and fittings above, and therefore increases the cost. To offer inside the country have become less profitable as exports. High demand in the world inspired by Russian distributors to rely on other countries. But the high price has played not good companies. Some vendors even expressed a lower level of sales. This applies to the style you are trying to sell expensive. A similar situation in September can also expect the sale of rebar. The middle East also did not show special desire to purchase products. This attitude is related to the upcoming Muslim holidays. To state stabilization in the market too early and quite difficult. Until September there is still time because things can change.

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