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Titanium brand PT-3 IN accordance with GOST 19807−91 relates to doped alloys. Semi grade PT-3 TO have a pseudo α-structure of low heat resistance, but good manufacturability, good weld all types of welding. Structural advantages allow them to be used for the manufacture of wire, round, rod. The production of titanium rolled normalized GOST 90027. From these semi-finished products make parts that work at t° up to +350°C.

Technological quality
Rod Strength (MPa) Heat treatment KCU j/cm3 Plasticity of δ%
PT-3V 749 Bimodal (отжиг910°C15 min.) 100,9 15,6%
745 Fibrous structure 110,2 14,9%

Globular fine grain,

890 °C, 1 h.

101,7 17,9%

Plate coarse

(800 -1050°C, 30 min)

95,8 16.7% of

The globular krupnoporistoj,

800 °C, 48h.

101,6 19,5%
Fatigue resistance rod grade PT-3V
Rod R Treatment Thickness (mm) Loading

The limit of endurance


PT-3V — 1 Annealing 980 °C, 1 h 18 Bending rotation 410 MPa
— 1 Annealing Ø 12 Bending rotation 216 MPa
— 1 Ø 20 196 MPa
— 1 Ø 140 157 MPa
— 1 Ø 180 143 MPa


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