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A series of alloys of PT-3 refers to a group of pseudo-α-titanium alloys. She developed the design Association «Prometheus» for marine shipbuilding. It is highly corrosion resistant alloys differ in composition from the alloys for General use.

Production and advantages of a sheet of stamps ПТ3В
Sheet Structure and processing Strength (MPa) Plasticity of δ% KCU j/cm3
ПТ3В Bimodal (annealing at 910°C15 min.) 749 15,6 101
ПТ3В Fibrous 745 14,9 110

Globular fine grain,

890 °C, 1 h.

766 17,9 101,6

Plate coarse

(825 -1045°C, 30 min)

766 16,7 96

The globular krupnoporistoj,

800 °C, 48h.

761 19,5 101,5

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