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The grade sheet ХН60ВТ possesses not only resistance to high temperatures in the working area, but also effectively resists corrosion damage when exposed to details of aggressive industrial environments. It can be used in the manufacture of the most modern equipment used in fairly tough production conditions.

Percentage of GOST 5632−72 .

Al C Ti Fe Ni Cr Mn P S Si W
≤0.5 ≤0,1 0.3−0.7 ≤4 51−63.2 23.5−26.5 ≤0.5 0.013 ≤0.013 ≤0.8 13−16

Due to satisfactory weldability, such sheet can be used in the manufacture of various welded structures. The high content of nickel and the presence of tungsten determines the high heat resistance and heat resistance of the sheet ХН60ВТ. With long-term operation, the temperature of the working area for articles made of a similar material can reach 1000−1100 ° C. With a short rise in temperature, a sheet of such material can withstand thermal shocks to 1300 degrees. It is important to note the high corrosion resistance of the alloy and its significant resistivity. The cost of the material is compensated by the presence of a number of unique performance characteristics that ensure the durability and reliability of equipment operation.

Application of

The scope of such a sheet of brand ХН60ВТ is quite diverse. Particularly relevant are such semi-finished products in the machine-building industry, the energy complex, in the manufacture of furnace equipment, resistor aggregates, etc.

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