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Wire ХН60ВТ belongs to the category of highly alloyed alloys, which is also known as EP126. In addition to chromium, iron and nickel, which form its basis, the composition includes a number of additional alloying elements that significantly increase the initial quality of the material and ensure the stability of its performance characteristics. Silicon, manganese, tungsten and molybdenum are used for alloying, as well as a small amount of phosphorus and sulfur.


The most important characteristics of the wire ХН60ВТ include high heat resistance and heat resistance. These qualities make it possible to use such wire in heavy industrial conditions with a significant excess of normal temperature conditions. Thanks to the optimal technological and operational parameters, such material actively resists the influence of most harmful industrial factors, ensuring the reliability and durability of the operation of important equipment.

Percentage of GOST 5632−72 .

Al C Ti Fe Ni Cr Mn P S Si W
≤0.5 ≤0,1 0.3−0.7 ≤4 51−63.2 23.5−26.5 ≤0.5 0.013 ≤0.013 ≤0.8 13−16

The optimally selected composition determines the high heat resistance and heat resistance of the wire ХН60ВТ. With long-term operation, the temperature of the working zone can reach 1000−1100 ° C. With a short-term increase in temperature, a wire made of such material can withstand thermal shock to 1300 degrees. It is important to note the high corrosion resistance of the alloy and its significant resistivity. The cost of such a wire is compensated by the presence of a number of unique performance characteristics that ensure the durability and reliability of equipment operation.

Application of

The field of application of XH60WT wire is quite diverse. Particularly relevant are such semi-finished products in the machine-building industry, the energy complex, in the manufacture of furnace equipment, resistor elements, etc.

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