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Chromium-nickel alloys, doped with titanium, manganese, aluminum, silicon and other chemical elements to enhance their qualities, have become a solid foundation for the development of most modern industrial industries. After all, good heat resistance, resistance to corrosion damage, high resistance to scale formation against the background of considerable plasticity allow such raw materials to work effectively in the most difficult production conditions.


The wire from the chromium-nickel alloy ХН77ТЮР is distinguished by a whole complex of high performance characteristics, due to the perfectly balanced composition. It can successfully perform its basic functions when exposed to sufficiently high temperatures in the working area (up to 750 degrees), without reducing its operational parameters. The high content of nickel in the material promotes the formation of a durable film coating on its surface, which protects the material from oxidation and corrosion. It is especially important to note at the wire ХН77ТЮР good resistance to fatigue processes and inertness in relation to the aggressive influence of the gaseous medium.


Percent composition according to GOST 5632−72
Alloy FROM Mn Fe P S Ni AT Cr Al Ti Si Pb Impurities
ХН77ТЮР ≤0.07 ≤0,4 ≤1 ≤0.015 ≤0.07 70--77,4 ≤0.01 19−22 0.6−1 ≤0,02 2.4−2.8 ≤0.6 ≤0.001 ≤0.015

Nickel in the wire ХН77ТЮР provides high plasticity, which facilitates the processing and installation of equipment. This wire is highly resistant to corrosion and significant heat resistance, which allows it to be used at elevated temperatures and the presence of an aggressive environment in the operating area.


Mechanical properties
Name of the characteristic Symbol Numeric value
Limit of proportionality (yield index for deformation of residual type), MPa ST 620
Short-term strength (limit value), MPa Sv 950
Relative elongation at break,% D5 20
Value of relative narrowing,% Y 15
Hardness after hardening (Brinell method), MPa 255−321
Physical properties
Name of the characteristic The numerical value of the parameter
The coefficient of linear expansion, measured at tº 100ºC (ах10 6), 1 / deg 12.67
Heat capacity (I), W / (mxgrade) 13.9
Density, g / cm 3 8.18
Ud. Electrical resistance ®, Ohmmm 2 / m 1.247

Application of

The field of application of this type of wire is quite diverse: pulp and paper, oil and gas processing industry, machine building, etc. Such wire is relevant for the production of elements of increased strength, operating in an aggressive environment at operating temperatures up to 750ºC. In addition to the industrial sphere, durable and beautiful material has proven itself in everyday life. Excellent hygienic qualities make it possible to widely use such wire in surgery and orthopedics.

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