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Phosphors for osvetitelnoi led help collect and convert radiation in visible light. The word «phosphor» has Latin roots and means «bringing light». Phosphors for led start shining under the action of electric field. To create white LEDs used a modified yttrium aluminum garnet doped with trivalent cerium. When this is achieved the luminescence spectrum with a wavelength of 550 nm. To get the led out with a cold glow in the structure add gallium, and additives gadolinium give more 'warm" light.

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affordable price phosphors for osvetitelnoi LEDs, and a great variety of product brands will allow any customer to choose the product that most fully meets all its individual needs. High quality and full conformity to the requirements of the state normative documents and technical conditions for the supply — the main criterion, which adheres to our company in working with clients. Phosphors for osvetitelnoi led from the company 'VIC" reliable and exact compliance of operating characteristics and reasonable prices and convenient delivery method is the additional advantage of cooperation with us.