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Stainless STEEL 40X13 (4Х13) pertained to the category of corrosion-resistant high-temperature alloy of the martensitic class. Significant chromium And carbon Content results in high hardness, wear resistance, the elasticity of the sheet And Tape to mark 40X13 material. Chromium gives resistance to corrosive destruction. It forms on the surface of semi-durable protective oxide film that protects the product from corrosion, and additional alloying ensures the stability of working characteristics of raw materials and increases its resistance. High iron content significantly reduces the alloy. The disadvantage is poor weldability.


Percentage Composition according to GOST 5632−72 and 10543−98

Alloy With Si   Ti Cr Mn R S Ni Fe
40X13 0,35−0,44 ≤ 0,6 --- 12−14 ≤ 0,8 ≤ 0,03 ≤ 0,03 ≤ 0,6 basis

. Steel is smelted in open electric arc or induction furnaces Semi-finished products are produced according to the following GOST: 1133−71, 18143−72, 18907−73, 5582−75, 5949−75, 4405−75, 7417−75, 8559−75, 8560−78, 14955−77,. 2590−2006, 2591−2006 And according to the following: 14−1-2186−7 and 14−11−245−88.


Sheet, Tape marks 40X13 is used FOR products of high elastic springs, springs, elastic elements, working AT t ° to 450 ° C, compressor components, operating in a slightly aggressive environment, measuring tools, knives, household items.


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