Mechanical testing of metals and alloys

Technical characteristics

Are you interested in mechanical testing of metals? The strength properties of the specific product determines not only the strength of the base metal and the alloying component. For stainless steel, it generally refers to such elements as chromium, Nickel, silicon, vanadium, etc.

The basic control methods

Depending on the applied load: share

·static (gradual) loading

·dynamic (shock).load

Also, mechanical testing of metals and alloys include scheme of studies for definition of parameters:


·fatigue (often bending);


·deep drawing;



Symbol Strength properties Ed. measurements
blower SB Limit short-term strength MPa
sT The limit of proportionality (yield strength for permanent deformation) MPa
d5 Elongation at break %
y The relative narrowing %
KCU Toughness kJ/m2
HB Brinell hardness number , MPa


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