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The composition and application of

Resistant KH23JU5 is a ferromagnetic alloy containing iron, aluminum and chromium; used for the production of working heating elements, electric resistance furnaces, the highest operating temperature not exceeding 1350…1400°C. Of fehrali are also manufactured heaters home appliances convective and radiative heating. The alloy is also used in the elements of automated control systems as sensors, work out the temperature change. Industrial electric peraliya common resistors, is suitable for processes of the start-braking of the main traction drive.
A positive feature of fehrali is a high corrosion resistance, which practically does not change with temperature.

The percentage composition of (GOST 17266−1-90)

Composition, % Si % Mn, % Cr, % Al, % Ni, % Fe, %
The value         basis  
At least - - 26 20.5 -  
Max 0.08 0.7 24 23.5 0,6  


The basic physical characteristics of the alloy:

Density, kg/m3 — 7100;

Melting point, ° C — 1500;

Specific electrical resistivity at room temperature, Ohm·m — 1.45;

Poisson’s Ratio — 0.30;

The modulus of elasticity in the temperature range 20…1000°C, HPa — 220 130…;

Coefficient of thermal expansion in the temperature range 20…1000°C, µm/deg — 15.

The main mechanical characteristics of fehrali

The limit of temporary resistance, MPa — 680…760;

Yield stress, MPa 475 545…;

Elongation % — 12…18;

Hardness on the Brinell hardness, HB, max — 220 to 240.

At temperatures exceeding 450 °C, the alloy becomes brittle, and drastically reduces their strength in bending. Resistant against pitting corrosion.


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