Chemical analysis of metals

The methods used

Chemical analysis of metals is performed using the following methods: assay, vodnodispersionnaya, x-ray fluorescence emission.

Assay control

Chemical analysis based on the principles of metal recovery, slag and wetting by molten substances. The main stages of the assay: reclaiming, crucible smelting, the separation of alloy from slag and cupellation.

The wave-dispersion control

Chemical analysis of metals is carried out after subjecting the metal x-ray and control the spectrum of the induced fluorescence. This non-destructive testing, which allows to obtain very accurate results.

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

On the chemical composition of the sample is judged by analyzing the fluorescence induced by x-radiation. The wavelength of x-ray radiation and the step of the crystal lattice are bound by the Brady law.

Emission control

To stabilize the emission of atoms of the sample is a low voltage spark, C, R, L — level. While stabiliziruemost the voltage and energy in the discharge circuit. This ensures minimum error in the measurements. This method allows to determine in steel stamps number of light elements (oxygen, phosphorus and carbon, etc.).

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