The use of fehrali

Fehrali have a resistivity of 1.2 — 1.30 μω·mm2/m and t° melting 1450−1500°C. the density of the alloy of 7.1 — 7.2 g/cm3, making it 17 — 18% lighter than nichrome. Types of alloy are marked, depending on the share of main components.

H15YU5 (15% Cr, 5% Al), density 7.1 g/cm3, working temperature range 750−950°C. Is used for the production of industrial electric heaters, power resistors and resistance elements. International names H15YU5: Aluchrom 0, Kanthal A1, Resistohm 145, Aluchrom 875, europarl. Company-manufacturers can use their marks, but they will indicate the name according to international standards. You can find such letter in the notation of stamps: ten — for tubular electric heaters; N — alloy heating elements; — materials for centers of resistance.

KH27JU5T (27% Cr, 5% Al, 1% Ti) working temperature 1300−1350 °C. Is used for the production of heaters, industrial electric furnaces.

KH23JU5T (23% Cr, 5% Al, 1% Ti) operating temperature range 750−950°C t° melting point of about 1450 °C. Is used for the production of heaters, industrial electric furnaces, the disadvantages should include a General property fehrali — brittleness and low ductility.

GS23−5 (KH23JU5T-N-VI) is an optimized version of alloy KH23JU5T. Additional alloys to significantly improve its plasticity, which greatly facilitates winding of the coils. Working t° 1300−1350°C.

GS T (KH23JU5-N-VI) — used in heaters, industrial ovens, etc. electric appliances heat actions including appliances. Is for the production of tubular electric heaters (teh).

Megapir-150 — used for the manufacture of resistive elements in electric furnaces, and various electrical devices of thermal action.

Megapir-200 is used for the manufacture of resistive elements, high temperature heaters, industrial furnaces, different electric thermal action apparatus.

To buy. Price

The company «" sells a wide range of metal at the best price. It is formed taking into account the rates on the LME (London metal exchange) and depends on technological features of production without the inclusion of additional costs. In a company warehouse always available the wire and tape from fehrali that gives: 1) high efficiency of delivery in Ukraine and CIS countries; 2) the savings of the consumers on the contents of the warehouse; 3) blarge selection of products. Quality is guaranteed by strict observance of technological norms of production. The timing of orders is minimal. The price depends on order volume and additional conditions of supply. For wholesale orders the system of discounts.

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