Alloying, General information

What is the alloying

Alloying (it. legieren — «fuse», from the Latin. ligare — «to bind») — adding to the composition materials of impurities to optimize (improve) physical and chemical properties of the basic material. Alloying is a General concept of some technological processes. Distinguish between bulk (metal) and surface (ion, diffuse) doping.

Technology doping

Different industries use different types of doping. In metallurgy , the alloying is performed mainly by the introduction into the melt or the mixture of additional chemical elements (for example, in steel — chromium, Nickel, molybdenum) to improve the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the alloy. To improve the properties (increase of hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.) of the surface layer of metals and alloys are also used in different kinds of surface alloying. Alloying is carried out at various stages of obtaining a metal material with the aim of improving the quality of metallurgical products and metal products. In the manufacture of special glass and ceramics are often produced surface alloying. In contrast to spraying and other types of coverage, some of the chemicals diffuse into lagerwey material, becoming part of its structure.


In the manufacture of semiconductor devices under doping refers to the introduction of small quantities of impurities with the help of nanotechnology, controlled changes in the electrical properties of the semiconductor, in particular, parameters of the conductivity.

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