Marking brass


The brass are divided into: 1) simple two-component brass, which consists only of zinc and copper have impurities in small amounts. 2) Multicomponent special brass in addition to zinc and copper they contain additional alloying elements. Such elements can be iron, aluminum, Nickel, manganese, silicon, lead. Additionally, the brass is divided into casting and wrought.


Tin can improve the strength and resistance to corrosion in sea water. Manganese improves the corrosion resistance and strength of the brass, especially in combination with tin, iron and aluminum. Nickel improves strength and corrosion resistance in aggressive environments. Silicon on the contrary, degrades the strength and hardness. Lead improves machinability, but decreases mechanical properties. Joint alloying with lead and silicon contributes to the improvement of antifriction properties, like brass can serve as a substitute for more expensive, for example, tin bronzes.


Multicomponent brass are labeled as follows: first letter — L, meaning — brass, comes after a series of letters that indicate the composition of the alloying elements within the alloy, in addition to zinc. The numbers indicated with a hyphen, indicate the following: the first figure represents the percent average content of copper, the subsequent digits indicate the content of each alloying element in the same way as in the letter part of brand consistency. The order of numbers and letters is set in accordance with the contents of the element: the first element is, the share of which in the alloy is highest, and the other additives are going downward. The zinc content is determined by difference from 100%. For example: brand of brass ЛАЖМц66−6-3−2 should be interpreted as follows: a brass containing Cu — 66%, Al -6%, Fe -3% Mn — 2%. The zinc content in brass is in the balance 100 — (66+6+3+2) = 23%. Brass, which contains 5−20% of zinc is called tombac (red). Call yellow brass where the zinc content is 20−36%. Brass, with zinc content more than 45%, it is rarely used in practice. Stamps simple brass specify only the copper content. Лб3 — contains 63% copper and -37% zinc; l96 — contains 96% copper and ~4% zinc (tombac).

The use of special brass. Cast alloys

· Lc40mc3zh — propellers, vanes, valves, complex configuration details, etc.;

· LC40S — grommets, fittings, separators, roller and ball bearings, etc.;

· LC30A3 — part, corrosion-resistant.

Wrought alloys

· Lzhmc59−1-1 — rods, strips, wire, pipe;

· LAZH60−1-1 — rods, tubes;

· LS59−1 — bars and rods, strip, wire, pipe.

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