General information on Nickel

General characteristics

Nickel is a chemical element № 28, denoted in the periodic table D. I. Mendeleev symbol Ni. This is a brilliant silvery-white metal with an atomic weight of 58, II valence, III. Its melting point is 1453 °C, t° boiling point 2140 °C. Pure Nickel has high hardness and at the same time easily amenable to polishing and forging. As iron, Nickel attracted by a magnet. In its properties, this metal is the closest analogue of cobalt and iron. Nickel is resistant to atmospheric and soil moisture, certain acids, its surface is protected by a resistant oxide film. Nickel is easily soluble in nitric acid. Nitrate of Nickel Ni (NO3)2 colors the solution green. Basically, the Nickel salts are green in color. Greatest practical importance is the sulfur-Nickel sulphate NiSO4, which forms emerald-green, beautiful crystals. When heated to a temperature of 230 °C, the crystals lose water, acquiring a gray-yellow color.


All of the Nickel compounds are the most important practical value has the oxide Ni2 O3, which is used in the production of Nickel-cadmium batteries. Nickel is used in almost all branches of industry and national economy. Beautiful Nickel finish, long lasting Shine on the air, due to the lack of oxidation, is used the manufacture of many products. At the same time, Nickel is not recommended to replace the silverware, because salt it is poisonous and it oxidizes faster silver. Nickel powder is an active catalyst that accelerates a chemical process. Its catalytic properties match the properties of palladium and platinum, in this connection, it is more inexpensive material, widely used for hydrogenation as the catalyst. Nickel and its alloys play a crucial role in the construction of nuclear boilers. They are used as high temperature protective sheaths for protection of the uranium rods from corrosion in nuclear reactors.

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