For General information about lead

General characteristics

Lead (Plumbum) the chemical symbol Pb, is an element of the 6th period of group IV of the periodic table of Mendeleev. Ordinal number 82, atomic weight 207,19. The greatest industrial importance is the mineral Galena PbS (Galena). In the native form of lead is rare. It is a heavy gray metal is a very soft, malleable and ductile, available to any types of treatment. Has high corrosion resistance. A thin layer of oxide that forms on the air, protects it from subsequent oxidation.

Being in nature

The lead content in the earth’s crust is a mass of 1.6•10-3%. The nuggets are extremely rare. Lead-rich sedimentary and ultrabasic Intrusive rocks, where it is contained in the composition of dozens of different minerals. In these formations lead, as a rule, are capable of forming intermetallic compounds with other elements. The most important minerals are: cerussite PbCO3, Galena PbS, anglesite (lead sulphate) PbSO4. Of the most difficult note — betekhtinite Pb2 (Cu, Fe)21 S15, tillit PbSnS2 and sulphosalts of lead — boulangerite Pb5 Sb4 S11, jamsonic FePb4 Sn6 S14. Lead ores accompanied by radioactive thorium and uranium. In nature, lead usually forms large deposits or polymetallic zinc-lead ores in stratiform type (Transbaikalia, Kholodninskoe) and skarnovo type (Dal), etc. the Mineral Galena is accompanied by deposits of various ore: copper-Nickel, pyrite-polymetallic, uranium, gold, etc. Sulphosalts, commonly occur in low-temperature hydrothermal deposits with arsenic, antimony and gold deposits. Lead sulfide type minerals have hydrothermal origin, and the oxide of the type often found in zones of oxidation (weathering crusts) zinc-lead deposits. Clarke the concentration of lead is contained in almost all rocks.

Lead chalcogenides

Is selenide, lead telluride, and lead sulfide, which is a black crystals. Used in electronics, as narrow-gap semiconductors.

Lead salts

Nitrate, sulfate, and acetate of lead, known as lead sugar, are highly toxic. Lead sugar (lead acetate) exists in the form of a white powder or colorless crystals, which gradually erode, losing the hydration water. This compound is perfectly soluble in water and has an astringent effect, but because it contains toxic lead ions is used as an external antiseptic in veterinary medicine.

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