Density, resistance and concentration of Nickel

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Varieties of Nickel ore

Industrial Nickel ores are divided into the copper sulphide and silicate. Copper ore sulfide ores contain the following principal minerals: pentlandite, Miller, chalcopyrite, cubanite, pyrrhotite, magnetite and sperrylite often. The Nickel content in sulphide ores ranging from 0.3 to 4.0% and more. Cu/Ni ranges from 0.5 to 0.8,

Related elements of sulfide ores

In addition to Nickel and copper from sulfide ores extracted significant amounts of cobalt, gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, selenium, tellurium and sulfur. Deposits of copper-Nickel ores are located in Russia, near Norilsk and Murmansk oblast (Pechenga area), as well as abroad (in Canada and South Africa).

Silicate Nickel ore

Silicate Nickel ores are friable and clayey formations containing Nickel not less than 1 percent). These Nickel ores are usually characterized by a moderate Nickel content, but their reserves are significant. The main minerals in these ores are garnierite, nepouite, Nickel Kerala and ferrallitic. Silicate ore include varieties containing iron, magnesia, silica and alumina, which are usually mixed in fixed proportions for the purpose of metallurgical treatment.

Related items of silicate ores

Silicate Nickel ores contain cobalt ratio Co: Ni of 1: 20−1/ 30. In some deposits of silicate Nickel ores are accompanied by iron-Nickel ores with high iron content (50…60%) and Ni (1,0…1,5%). Nickel deposits of this type are known in Russia, in the middle and southern Urals and in the Ukraine.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of Nickel

Atomic mass 58, 71
Density at 20 °C, kg/m3 8900
The temperature of melting, °C: 1453
Specific electrical resistivity at 20 °C, Ohm. mm2/m 0, 068
Temporary resistance, MPa  
-annealed metal 40…50
— deformed metal 70…90
Elongation, %  
— annealed metal 35…40
— deformed metal 2…4
Module. of elasticity, GPA 200
Hardness HB, no more than:  
— annealed metal 90
— deformed metal 200
— cast metal 60−70
The thermal conductivity at 0…100°C, cal/(cm. sec. grad) 0, 142
The coefficient of linear expansion at 20 to 100°, 1/deg 0, 000013
The impact strength of annealed Nickel, kg. m/cm2 18
The yield strength of Nickel, MPa:  
— annealed rolled 12
— strain rolled in 70

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