Obtaining metallic lead

Getting from rocks

The main ores that contain lead are cerrusite and Galena. Currently, the receipt of lead from ores produced mainly in the mining rehabilitation special furnaces melting, so-called Watergate. In the process of heating the air lead sulphide is oxidised to oxide and sulphate of lead. It is used to produce the metal in the firing process. During calcination in a current of hydrogen gradually restore the lead sulphide to metal. The process starts with crushing rocks and enrichment with the goal of producing a concentrate for roasting. In the process of roasting the concentrate in the presence of oxygen, sulphur dioxide and sulphur pass into sulfur dioxide, and lead sulfide is converted to oxide. All the oxides, in addition to RIO, unstable, and at 600 °C to dissociate the oxygen and RIO that is restored or in a current of hydrogen or coal. In the process of smelting the sulfide minerals concentrate wetted with molten lead under a layer of slag and the charge, which used a mixture of melts of sodium chloride and potassium.


The source of lead — scrap and old plate acid batteries, sometimes lead pipes and seals. Of waste in the world get 15 — 20% lead.

Dispersion of electrolytic lead for batteries

In order to obtain such a lead, one of lead oxide is placed in a glass tube and at a temperature of 350 — 400 °C is passed through it, hydrogen, which does not need special drying because oxides are easily reduced. It turns out lead in the form of fine dust.


To get the lead with a low content of bismuth, it has to be subjected to additional refining calcium. In this method, molten lead is added from 2 to 4% of calcium of the total.


Made from lead battery plates, corrosion-resistant materials in industry, protection from radioactive radiation, lining of electric cables, bullet seals, solders, antifriction alloys, and printing and much more.

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