The use of brass and their alloys


Advantages of brass contribute to a stable systematic increase in its consumption in all industries. This metal is in demand almost everywhere — from the production of door handles and clock gears to the manufacture of the most complex heat exchangers in the power industry. In connection with the increase in the production of brass, the demand for copper and zinc, necessary for its production, is correspondingly increasing. When used with brass, costs are significantly reduced to combat corrosion. It is a modern material that finds very wide application, due to its high plasticity and strength, combined with aesthetic appeal.

ЛЖМЦ 59−1-1 and ЛАЖ 60−1-1

These brasses of deformable grades have high corrosion resistance in humid atmosphere, sea and fresh water. Of these brands, rods, strips, wires, pipes and various components for the shipbuilding industry are produced.

L 062−1 and L 070−1

These brands, doped with tin, have the highest resistance to sea water. They are called marine brass. Used in shipbuilding for the production of profiles, pipes, hulls, fixtures, etc. items.

LS 59

Brass of this brand (automatic) is supplied in rods. This brass is intended for fasteners and profiles, which are produced on machine-tools. Widely used in the watch industry.

Foundry stamps

They are designed for molded parts with complex shapes. In its composition contain a lot of special additives, which improve their foundry qualities. They have better corrosion resistance, increased strength and antifriction properties. They are used for the manufacture of structural parts in transport engineering and for a wide variety of fittings.

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Deformable double brass

Make Scope of application
L85 Details of instruments, machines, chemical and thermotechnical equipment, bellows, coils, etc.
L96, L90 Details of instruments, machines, chemical and thermotechnical equipment, bellows, coils, etc.
L80 Details of instruments, machines, chemical and thermotechnical equipment, bellows, coils, etc.
L68 Pressed products
L70 Sleeves for chemical equipment
L60 Branch pipes are thick-walled, machine parts, nuts.
L63 Bolts, nuts, condenser tubes, parts for cars

Deformable multicomponent brass

Make Application area
LAZH60−1-1 Parts for sea vessels.
LA77−2 Condenser pipes for ships
LAN59−3-2 Details of electric machines, chemical equipment and sea vessels
LN65−5 Condenser and manometer tubes
LZhMa59−1-1 Parts for aircraft, bearing shells, parts for sea vessels
LMC58−2 Bolts, Nuts, machine parts, fittings
LO90−1 Condensing tubes for heating equipment
LMCA57−3-1 Parts for river and sea vessels
ЛО62−1 Condensing tubes for heating equipment
Л070−1 Condensing tubes for heating equipment
LO60−1 Condensing tubes for heating equipment
LS74−3 Bushings, watch details
LS63−3 Bushings, watch details
LS64−2 Matrices polygraphic
LS59−1 Bolts, nuts, bushings, cogwheels
LS60−1 Bolts, nuts, bushings, cogwheels
LVS58−1-1 Details produced by cutting
LK80−3 Machine parts corrosion-resistant
LANKMTS75- 2- 2,5 0,5 0,5 Manometric pipes, springs
ЛМш68−0,05 Condenser Pipes

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