The use of titanium in aviation

The fuselage

In the production plating of airframe and aircraft engines titanium is increasingly replacing aluminum and stainless steel. With increasing temperature, aluminium loses its strength. And titanium alloys have a distinct advantage in terms of strength at temperatures up to 430° C, before the temperature heats up the fuselage at high speeds due to aerodynamic drag. Replacing steel with titanium due to the weight reduction without loss of strength.

Motor industry

Total weight loss with increase in power allows to increase the payload, range and maneuverability of the aircraft. This explains the efforts to broaden the use of titanium alloys in producing gas turbine engines and even fasteners.

Jet engines

In the construction of jet engines titanium is used mainly for the manufacture of compressor blades, turbine disks, and many other forged parts. Here titanium is replacing stainless steel and heat-treated alloy steel. The savings in engine weight of one kilogram saves up to 10 kg of the total weight of the aircraft through the facilitation of the fuselage. .

Supply, price

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