Manufacture of brass

General characteristics

For the production of brass can be used the same types of furnaces, and for smelting copper. But a more efficient method of production is smelting in induction furnaces with electric low-frequency magnetic core. The least desirable is considered to be of brass smelting in electric arc furnaces. In the process of smelting ore, copper-zinc alloys should be considered a low boiling point of zinc and the fact that he is from all other components of the alloy is the most oxidizable.

Melting technology

The smelting of brass from recycled waste and fresh metals in the industrial frequency induction furnace with a magnetic core should be carried out in accordance with the recommended process sequence. If used circulating the metals, the order of loading the batch in the oven is not very important. When you have a clean metal in the charge first download and melt the copper, and after working metals. Preheated to a temperature of 100−120°C lead and zinc in the melt introduced at the very end. In any case, the melting is performed under a layer of charcoal that is loaded with the initial portion of the batch in the oven. In order to improve the castability of brass, sometimes it before casting added as copper alloys or phosphorus.

Melting silicon brass

Smelting siliceous and siliceous svintsoviy of brass produced under a cover flux of brown or glass. Silicon brass have the tendency to absorb the reducing gases, therefore, their melting under a layer of charcoal in the reducing atmosphere is prohibited. During the melting process such brass in a preheated oven at first loaded the copper and after melting of the loaded waste and odnoklasnica ligature. Last loaded lead and zinc after removal from the molten slag. The melt is thoroughly mixed, brought to the required temperature of casting, and then bottled.

Smelting of manganese brass

The melting of these brass made in the conditions of close to neutral or weak oxidizing atmosphere under the cover of charcoal or flux of broken glass. Manganese is introduced into the melt ligatures at the end of the melting of all the other constituents of the charge.

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