Rolling of sheet, tape

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The process of sheet metal

Sheet metal is made from slabs or blooms. The end result is the production of thin flat sheet metal — sheet or ribbon. The process of rolling sheet metal is to pass the source material through several pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and to the workpiece uniform.


The thickness of sheet metal is usually denoted by the measure, known as the caliber. The greater the gauge number, the thinner the metal. Commonly used steel sheet metal ranges from 30 caliber up to 6.


Sheet metal can be available in flat sheets or coiled rolls (at small transverse dimensions of such a metal is called the ribbon). Sheet and strip — one of the fundamental forms used in Metalworking.


Sheet metal used in the manufacture of ducting, security fencing equipment, architectural coatings, columns, tanks, etc.

Blanks in the form of sheet or tape used in the subsequent sheet forming:

bending, molding, drawing, cutting, punching, etc.


Supplier KMZ offers to buy at economical price variety of the flat rolled product — sheet and strip (in a wide range of parameters) from any metal or alloy. KMZ supplier will deliver products to any address specified by the consumer.

Hot sheet rolling

Hot rolling is performed at temperatures that exceed 25…30% of the melting temperature of this metal. During hot rolling are provided with much less deforming the efforts that has a positive effect on power and energy consumption of rolling equipment — mills. However, the metal surface is in most cases covered with a layer of scale, and therefore in need of subsequent cleaning. In addition, because of the phenomenon of thermal expansion of metals a precision hot rolled is always lower than the cold.

Cold sheet rolling

In turn, cold rolled sheet has high precision and surface quality of the finished sheet/tape. However, the load on the rolls of mills for cold rolling sheet is always higher.

Improved accuracy

Flats are subdivided depending on the number of passes (stands) rolling mill. When mnogoletie rolling of the workpiece obtained high precision in height.


Supplier KMZ offers to buy at a economical price to rent (sheet, tape), made of various metals and alloys. Performed supplier timely shipment of products to any destination set by the customer.

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