Feed of the wire

Supplier KMZ offers to buy t affordable wire of various metals and alloys in a wide range of brands and sizes of the cross section. Supplier guaranteed timely delivery of material at any point specified by the user.

Wire drawing

The drawing process is to consistently sharpen the end of the rod to introduce the end through the matrix and attached to the drawing device. The unit, made with the possibility of rotation by an electric motor, pulls the lubricated rod through the die (Spinneret), reducing core diameter and increasing its length. Multiple drawing, required to obtain wires of small diameter, or from materials with medium ductility, is performed using multi-pass drawing mill/reel. Otherwise the metal is gradually accumulated tensile stresses, which can lead to breakage.

Cold broach

Cold drawing and wire drawing is an important and special sector of steelmaking. They produce wire hundreds of sizes and shapes and within the range of physical properties. Wire is also manufactured with many types of surface finishes. For materials characterized by low plasticity, processes used in pulling with reduced speeds of deformation, or when the heated semi-finished product.


Supplier KMZ offers to buy the range of wire, of any diameter. We offer cost effective prices from the manufacturer. Supplier made timely shipment of products to any point, set by the client.

Tool block drawbench

The main tool drawbench and drums are die (matrix) devices for giving the material the desired shape or surface finish. The tool unit includes a housing through which is pushed a metal, hardened steel replacement parts for the manufacture of relief, pressure and hollow shape through which the workpiece is pushed.

Carriage drawbench

The mill consists of a frame, carriage and support posts. The carriage is used to push the billet through the die. It is equipped with hydraulic cylinders or chains to the engine. Modern devices allow for simultaneous feeding of several work pieces.

Drum drawbench

Each drum is driven by the engine to provide the correct traction for drawing the wire. It also maintains moderate tension in the workpiece when it moves to the next matrix. Each head provides a reduction of the cross section of hire. Depending on the treated steel and an overall reduction sometimes requires an annealing of wire in between the transitions.


Supplier KMZ offers to buy at a economical price wire, in an assortment of various metals and alloys. The provider must be guaranteed delivery of the products to any address set by the customer.

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