Calculation of nichrome spiral

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The calculation sequence of a spiral of nichrome

The calculation is convenient to make an online calculator. To determine the necessary parameters requires information on the value of the allowable voltage, dimensions, length and temperature of the heating coil. On the basis of these three parameters set fourth. To do this, use the switch. Set the desired range of length and tension by moving the relevant sliders. After they are installed in position, the remaining variable can be calculated.


During the online calculation of the error of the obtained result corresponds to the nearest satisfactory solution on the scale. Actual amounts will differ from the calculated, as done with a certain accuracy possible. Accurate calculators for calculating the parameters of nichrome spirals always take into account the conditions in which will work the device, for example, the humidity of the ambient air and thus the intensity of the oxidation spiral. In addition, an important gap between the coil and the adjacent element. Typically, the error online calculation of the nichrome spiral is within ± 5%.

Recording parameters of a spiral of nichrome

Select the section of the wire for forming the electric resistance element is based on:

  • The known value of electrical resistance of the conductor;
  • The design of the device;
  • The type of conductor (wire or tape — for flat heaters);
  • The optimal section of the spiral element.

The electrical power that can be transferred to the nichrome coil is calculated by the practical application of Ohm’s law. First, determine the actual value of voltage (and compared with current in the network), then calculates the thermal power of the device, and then determines the specific resistivity of the conductor, which is compared with the technological capabilities of nichrome heater of a certain cross section and length.


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