Methods of production and processing of metals

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General information

The metals mining occurs in several stages. First is the search for valuable minerals prospector. Positive results can be achieved by accident, as it happened during the exploration of iron ore in the Upper lake and ores of lead and zinc in Southeast Missouri areas. When searching, the geologists are guided by the cards promising fields. With the depletion of known ore deposits exploration covers a wide areas that geologists have identified as favorable for ore deposition. Searches still require special natural adaptability and, as ever, the knowledge of different ore minerals, geologic conditions favorable for ore deposition, and various rocks and structures of rocks, friendly mineralization.

Drilling of boreholes

The next stage — a trial drilling of boreholes, the content of which is established by the contents of the required element in the breed. The necessary equipment depends on the type of exploration, climatic and physical characteristics of the country, mode of transport, duration of the campaign and the funds available. If a positive result is the development of mineral deposits.


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The object of the search may be different from that which was obtained at the initial stage. The main thing — to determine the total amount and grade of ore as the basis for planning of large-scale mining operations. In recent times the operation of extraction also apply to deposits with a relatively small but high grade ore deposits. If you know the boundaries of exploration can be planned with regard to their usefulness and adequacy for future use during the production period of the enterprise activity.

The cost of search works

The cost of search operations in areas with underdeveloped infrastructure, as a rule at least twice. However, this does not stop the mining companies, as exploration activities are often conducted in areas where transportation and energy costs high.

Practice of development of ore deposits

Type field, and its relationship with surface topography are important considerations that affect the nature of production of the metal. This procedure can also influence the funds available for exploration, the difficulty (including physical) work, as well as the availability of fuel and water. As in prospecting all the ore impact and mineralized material systematically sampled and analysed for the advancement of the mining process.


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