Methods of melting metal

The most common type of acid-resistant chromium-Nickel stainless steel, which is widely used in industry, is the steel type 12x18Н10Т. It serves for production of stainless pipes, stainless steel sheets, circles and other stainless steel.


This product is manufactured in a specialized workshop in special furnaces. Before the advent of new technologies the smelting of stainless steel was different. The main methods of melting include the following. 1) the Method of complete oxidation, which involves oxidation of all the impurities and refining baths in the white slag. This method in connection with a number of flaws were used for short periods. 2) the Method with a partial oxidation of steel, which involves the production of alloy with a low carbon soft structure. 3) According to the method of the Kirov factory, which is based on the method of refining with the use of calcium aluminate slag from ground fire clay. 4) the Method of fusing, which is the Foundation of production of special soft iron. 5) Method of mixing involves production of soft iron protected by a Nickel, when both grades are mixed in one furnace. This technology was proposed in the Urals. 6) the Method of transportation of stainless steel using low carbon charge Blum. Each of the methods gives the waste that engineers decided to use. These wastes combine with Blum soft iron, is sent to a refining furnace. But it is necessary to take measures for the prevention of carbonization of the electrodes in a special bath. You need before you start work, be sure to check the condition of the electrodes and the furnace. 7) Method of melting wastes using active oxygen. This method allows to control the oxygen level during the steel smelting (high-chromium type), the degree of intensification of the charge melting and decarburization of metals. However, when using oxygen, you need to pay attention to in the charge was an element that will give massive heat in the oxidation process. This is normally silicon.

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