Welding and brazing nichrome

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Soldering nichrome is hindered due to its high melting temperature of about 1400 °C. in addition, on the surface of a nichrome oxide layer where soldering is difficult, and the traditional soft solders impossible. You can use silver containing solders, is operable at high temperatures, but it is not very convenient, if you are working with PCBs.

Close contact

Almost lead solder pre-pressing the connecting part with terminal blocks or threaded studs. Using silver solder, nichrome wire is soldered to the copper wire, which can then be easily soldered to the required element of the electrical circuit. The difficulty of brazing are that the nichrome poorly retains almost all of the known types of solders. Therefore, in particular, the described method is impossible to solder to the nichrome sheet metal products.


The permanent connection can be produced by spot welding. Such welding includes both the resistance of the nichrome to oxidation and high temperature resistance. When welding is important for the correct orientation of the parts relative to the direction of the point or butt seam. In cases with minimal space for welding (welding of the heater tubes or thermocouple), a butt weld is preferred over a continuous weld.

Alloying additives

Dopant to the nichrome include iron (to improve corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance), molybdenum, and cobalt (to improve corrosion resistance at room temperature) titanium and aluminum, which enhance the specific strength. The alloying of these elements adversely affects the weldability. A high percentage sulfur causes cracking of the metal in the seam area. Butt welding nichrome is carried out in a protective gas environment, which protects the zone of the melt from oxidation.


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