Titanium in automotive industry


To increase the power of the car engine needed without sacrificing strength to reduce the weight of parts of reciprocating systems. This task effectively solve the high-strength and heat-resistant titanium alloys. First and foremost, they are beneficial in the manufacture of parts such as intake and exhaust valves, connecting rods, rocker arms valves, silencers, who are the most responsible parts for both diesel and automotive engines.


As the alloys of titanium have better specific strength compared to steel, their use for the production of connecting rods allows to reduce the load on the connecting rod bearings by 30%, and this greatly increases their reliability and durability. The use of titanium for parts of the valve mechanism reduces the tension in the parts to 25% and the force of impact of the valve on the saddle 30%.


The rods are preferably made of the serial alloys VT5, VT8 or VTZ-1, with increased durability. A study was conducted on the technology of forming the connecting rod of a diesel engine. The study was conducted with the aim of reducing the level of magnitola, because Titan is among non-magnetic metals. The results showed that the quality of the workpiece material alloy VTZ-1 is meets the needs, the macrostructure of the cross section of the billet connecting rod, fine-grained, recrystallized. The study was not observed of the fibrous structure, stratification, overheating and other defects forming and heat treatment. Mechanical properties tensile correspond to the data of the certificate the serial of alloy VTZ-1. Experience with the application shows the feasibility of using titanium alloys for the manufacture of highly loaded parts of engines, structural and undercarriage of the car. Studies have shown that for parts of the car, it is recommended to use the following alloys:

· for load-bearing structures of vehicles: OT4−1, OT4, VT5, VT5−1, VT6 alloys medium strength;

· for suspension car: АТ6, VTZ-1, BT5−1, VT6, VT8, VT14, ВТ15, BT16 alloys of medium and high strength;

· for details of engines: VTZ-1, VT8, BT14, ВТ15. ВТ16, BT18, ST-1, ST-4 — brand high-strength and high-temperature titanium alloys.

Institute of titanium, are intensively carried out investigations of parts of vehicles and engines. After completion of these works will be to begin the broad implementation of titanium alloys in the automotive industry. It also greatly increases the power and reliability of the car. It will be possible to reduce the number of enterprises for the production of parts that have a beneficial effect on the economic situation. In the near future can be created radically new light vehicle concepts that will have high power and maneuverability.

Titanium in other fields of engineering.

Titanium can be used in the manufacture of hand hammers, which will significantly reduce their weight. Research on this topic was conducted by the Institute of titanium with the support of the Krivoy Rog mining equipment plant «Communist». The object of the study was the punch PR-25. After a thorough study of its working conditions and manufacturing variability of the design revealed that the most suitable are titanium alloys VT-5, OT4 and ВТ60. Operation of the punch showed that the use of titanium in manual drilling devices are not only technically but also economically advantageous. Replacing some parts of titanium has reduced the weight of the hammer from 32 to 20 lbs. This drill is very easy to use, has high strength and good corrosion resistance. This is a significant advantage, because their exploitation in the mines of nonferrous metallurgy associated with the presence of wet and corrosive environment.

The last few years, the plants Inlegmash intensively involved in the production of various machines and apparatuses of titanium alloys. This variety of dyeing and finishing equipment, packaging-automatic filling line, centrifuges with titanium cages and much more. In the near future, titanium will be used in the manufacture of kitchen appliances and home appliances, but also in the production of Souvenirs.

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