The titanium in the pulp and paper industry


The production of cellulose is a complex process, during which the use of aggressive technological environment, so from a technical and economic point of view, expedient of replacing the current equipment on Titan. In the shops where we get the cooking acid cooking sulphite pulp, bleaching solution and bleach the pulp mass, the equipment requires corrosion protection. Recently widely used protection tiles svinopogolove putty and acid resistant tiles silicate putty. Now have to use a bimetal welded boilers, made of double-layered steel.


Created from sheet steel bleaching tower gummiboot with a special rubber or ceramic lined, glazed and acid resistant tiles, on polyester putty. Sometimes towers lined Polubotok or soft rubber, however, this method of protection is only possible when bleaching with hypochlorite and chlorine. But with the introduction of the pulping of mixed bases and other reagents and intensification of processes at high temperature and high pressure such protection becomes extremely unreliable. All-Union scientific-research Institute of titanium and well-known industry factories have investigated the corrosion resistance of alloys of titanium in corrosive environments in the pulp and paper industry and recommended them to the widest use.

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